Historical Events

In South West of Rajasthan Jalore District is located in the peripheries of sky high Swarnagiri fort forming a fish shape having a vast expanse of 10, 640 Sq.Km. According to historical believes it was called as ‘Drumkulya’ the northern part of southern Ocean. Being frightened from the ‘fire bow’ of Lord Rama Sea accepted to build a bridge on it then he fired this infallible bow here leaving desert landmass. During Dwapara age this landmass was known as ‘MaruDhanwa’ consequently,Marudhar and Marwar being the acceptable changes in name.

Jalore’s old name was Jabalipur being the sacred glove of MahirishiJabali. By the passage of time, the name of mountain Kanchangiri& Swarngiri were also frequently used as names of Jalore. It is clear from Kuvalyamana of Udhyothansuri that in 8th Century A.D. it was a prosperous town. At that time Prathihar king VatsaRaja was the ruler. Towards the end of 12th Century A.D. Parmars ruled here. Historians believe that the Jalore fort was built by Parmar rulers. It is known from a stone inscription of 1238 A.D. of the fort that Parmar King Biral’s-queen Maludevi powered Gold win on Sindhu King. At that time from Abut to Umarkot all landmass was ruled by Parmar dynasty Chandan, Devraj, Aparajit,Vijjal, Dhasavarsh and Vishal ascended the throne.

After A.D. 1164 Kumarpal rules here. Nadol king Arhan’s youngest son kirtipal started chouhan tradition in Jalore. Samarsingh ascended after kirtipal. After him,Uday Singh like his father also captured NadolMandore from Mohammedans. Thereafter Chargidev land Samant Singh became rulers upon whose valiant son great poet Padmanabhan had written an epic named “KanhadPrabandh”.In this epic,there is a fantastic elaboration of war between KanhadDevKingAlaudinKhilji.

Fort at mountain Swarnagiriprovided a name to the lineage of chouhan’s as SongaraChouhan According to a general belief the place got its name for the heavy presence of Jal tree here. Rathore king RaoMaldev ruled the fort of Jalore in 15th Century. During Akbar’s rule, Abdul Rahim Khan Khana took it infinitely from GazniKhan.KingJehangir built the walls of the fort. After the death of Aurangzeb it permanently became a part of Jodhpur.

It is said with relation to Viram&Firoza that the Badshah King invited Viram for a game of “Veniti” with ‘Panju Wrestler’. After defeating the wrestler Princess Firoza fell in love with Viram and she sent a proposal of marriage, which Viram rejected. Getting angry with this Badshah King surrounded the whole Jalore with his soldiers. This son ViramDev of Jalore is its greatest of Heros and left behind sweet memories. Hundreds of Rajput Braves have given life for their country, religion and pride Brave women have put themselves alive into the fire to save their respect.